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ExpertFORUM Labelling: nationally, within the EU & globally

17.01.2017 11:11
In two conference days you will get a thorough update on the current regulatory framework (vigilance and regulatory affairs) and the legal requirements in the labelling context.



31.05.2017 um 09:00 bis
01.06.2017 um 15:30




+49 6221 500-680


This conference will benefit anyone working in the field of product information, such as SmPCs, package leaflets, CCDS and online drug information, and anyone who would like to have a detailed update on regulatory requirements and options in this field.
Members of the following departments will particularly benefit from this conference:
- Regulatory affairs and labelling
- Medical affairs
- Pharmacovigilance

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This conference will give you a thorough update on labelling challenges and duties at a national, EU and global level.

One focus of the meeting will be on safety management, including the prevention of medication errors, off-label use, implementation of PRAC decisions and much more. Topics such as online product information, the required anti-counterfeit features, etc. will also be addressed in detail.

After having attended this conference, you will be knowledgeable about labelling duties for 2017/2018 and will have received practical tips for your business operations at the national, EU and global level.


- Medication errors and off-label use
- Safety information management and educational material
- Online product information and safety data features
- Labelling management and working with QRD templates
- Global labelling challenges

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